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25) Resumos de Historia Economica

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I am pleased to announce that the first issue of the HISTORY OF ECONOMICS ABSTRACTS, on the Economic Research Network of the Social Sciences Research Network, Sponsored by the History of Economics Society (Vol. 1, No. 1: June 23, 2006) will be published via e-mail shortly. This is a good time, I think, to make a second announcement (see below) of this free series and to encourage anyone interested in the history of economics or related fields to 1) subscribe, and 2) post your working papers and abstracts of your published papers to the series. Like all such endeavors, this series will become more valuable as more people use it.

Kevin Hoover
Editor, ERN History of Economics Journal

I am pleased to announce that the History of Economics Society now sponsors a working paper and published paper (abstract) "journal" on the Economics Research Network (ERN) a part of the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN). The History of Economics "journal" is free in every sense: anyone is free to post papers, anyone is free to subscribe and to receive regular e-mail notices of newly posted papers, and the series will be edited with an eye to promoting the free exchange of ideas. Work related to any aspect of the history of economics and cognate areas -- and indeed to any topics that are likely to be of interest to historians of economics -- is welcome. Although the series is edited, the guiding thought of the editorial policy is to promote the free exchange of ideas. There is no refereeing, and virtually all papers will be posted without editorially interference. Posting papers on the History of Economics journal does not conflict with subsequent submission to professional journals.

The homepage for SSRN is www.ssrn.com
To Subscribe: Go the Homepage (www.ssrn.com) and click the subscription button. Click on the link: Subscribe/Unsubscribe to SSRN Journals . Following the links through login (where you will set up an ID and password), to your personal page. Click on the Subscription link, and then click on the link to subscribe/unsubscribe from journals on the Economic Research Network. The History of Economics journal is found under the Subject Matter Journals.

To Submit Working Papers or Abstracts of Published Papers: Go to the Homepage (www.ssrn.com), click on the Submit button and follow the instructions. (You will need to have a pdf copy of your paper (they may be able to convert other files to pdf on the site; if so you will find the instructions there), an abstract, the appropriate JEL codes, and a list of keywords. You may also list the abstracts, though not post, published papers.)

Once Subscribed, You May: 1) Search the SSRN databases or Browse journals from links on the homepage; 2) Track your own papers through the posting process and keep track of your download statistics by clicking on the MyBriefcase button on the homepage.

Technical questions about posting papers should be addressed, in the first instance, to SSRN (see information on their website). Policy questions should be directed to me.

The History of Economics journal on SSRN has the potential to be a highly valuable resource for all historian of economics. Its success, however, requires that as many scholars as possible subscribe and routinely post their papers to the network. I encourage you all to begin the process without delay.

Kevin D. Hoover
Editor, ERN History of Economics Journal
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