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19) As melhores escolas de administração dos EUA e do mundo

Serviços de informação, para os interessados em MBA e outros cursos de administração em escolas reputadas do exterior:

SSRN is pleased to announce a new service: Top Business Schools Rankings based on downloads from SSRN's eLibrary. This list will be updated at the beginning of each month and joins the Top Law School Rankings, announced last year.

The Top Business School Rankings includes U.S. Business School and International Business School Rankings along with an aggregate Ranking of over 800 Business Schools from around the world.

The Top 20 U.S. and International Business Schools as measured by downloads of their faculty's papers from SSRN over the last 12 months

1 Harvard Business School
2 University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business
3 University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School
4 Yale School of Management
5 New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Sloan School of Management
7 Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
8 Columbia University - Columbia Business School
9 Dartmouth College - Tuck School of Business
10 William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
11 Duke University - Fuqua School of Business
12 University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business
13 Stanford Graduate School of Business
14 University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business
15 Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management
16 Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business
17 Cornell University - Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
18 Indiana University Bloomington - Kelley School of Business
19 University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business 20 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - College of Business

To view the full list of U.S. Business Schools go to:

1 University of London - London Business School
2 Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) - Rotterdam School of Management
3 Tilburg University - CentER and Faculty of Economics and Business
4 City University London - Sir John Cass Business School
5 IESE Business School - University of Navarra
6 University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business
7 University of Zurich - Faculty of Business Administration
8 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology - School of Business
and Management
9 University of Toronto - Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
10 Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences
11 University of Amsterdam - Business School
12 Lancaster University - Management School
13 University of Reading - Business School
14 University of Maastricht (formerly University of Limburg) - Faculty of Economics & Business Administration
15 University of Oxford - Said Business School
16 Chinese University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Business Administration
17 Middlesex University - Business School
18 Aarhus School of Business
19 McGill University - Faculty of Management 20 University of Cambridge - Judge Business School

To view the full list of International Business Schools go to:

To view the full list of all 800 plus Business Schools go to:

To access the full data table on our web site, you must register in
SSRN HQ (registration is free). If you are not registered, you will
be prompted to do so. You can also reach all of the Top Business School Rankings from the Top Institutions Link on the SSRN Home page
at: http://ssrn.com

SSRN ranks over 800 business schools worldwide on 9 separate measures including total lifetime downloads of their faculty's papers on SSRN, total number of papers on SSRN, total number of authors, and downloads per paper and per author. The Rankings can be resorted on any of the measures by clicking on the column you want to sort by.
Clicking again on a column heading reverses the sort.

From any of the Top Business School Rankings you can link to time series information on the measures and in some cases to data from which the measures are calculated. These historical figures will be added as we complete their calculation over the next two months. You can link to a list of the authors affiliated with each institution on SSRN and from there you have one-click access to each "author home page" on SSRN, which lists all the author's other research on SSRN.

In the near future, SSRN will also create similar rankings in other fields covered by SSRN.

Some cautions: We believe these rankings can be a useful source of information about the productivity and influence of each school's faculty (to the extent that faculty members post their research to SSRN). At the same time, rankings based on number of downloads or number of papers posted to SSRN have important biases and limitations. We trust that our readers will use them carefully.

These rankings are a "beta" version. We welcome corrections to our data and suggestions for changes in methodology. Please write to:

Michael C. Jensen
Chairman, Social Science Research Network Director, Management Research Network

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